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A dream come true for any car enthusiast:

Welcome to the Classic & Sportscar Meeting 2011!

Publisert 01.07.2011 av Birger Knutsen Tips en venn
For the seventh year running, the NSK Classic & Sportscar Meeting will be the premier event for Historic and sports cars in Norway.
The event combines Historic Racing with Track Day Activities, demonstration runs, parades, as well as a general meet for various car clubs and enthusiasts. The host is one of Norways largest Car Enthusiasts Clubs - the Norwegian Sports Car Club which counts about 1500 members, founded 32 years ago.
Entries arrive from the Nordic Countries for the Scandinavian Historic Masters series - covering Saloons from periods E, F, G and H, via Formula Cars and Prototypes. In addition the National Corsa Italiana and Porsche Club Racing series provide plenty of competitive action. Expect no quarter given - all these heats race hard, but fair!

The Track Day is somewhat unique; the fast and beautiful Våler circuit has an entire circuit for this purpose, so Track day is run at the same time as racing - and when the racing is over, both circuits are opened for the road-legal cars. Expect to see a varied field of cars; from Hot Hatches via homologation specials to exotic Sports Cars - they will all be there. There's also a separate heat called Gentlemens Drive which features pre-war specials.

The event start on Friday, and lasts the entire weekend. There's normally plenty of other things to see, hear and smell - for all kinds of motor enthusiasts.

The Våler Track is a modern facility, located about 2 hours by car from Oslo, near Elverum. Hotels, camping, stores etc are all near by.
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01.07.2011 Våler Raceway is a 2,3 km long fast, sweeping circuit with excellent passing opportunities. Exciting racing is the daily treat here! The last few seasons the venue has been host to the Swedish Touring Car Championship, the Classic & Sportscar Meeting as well as several other national events. The track is located near Elverum, about 2 hours of driving a slow transporter & trailer from Oslo. Les mer »